Plato's One, Spirit, Soul
The One is supreme, Spirit comes next, and Soul last.
These three are not equal.

The One: is "essentially inexpressible".
It is sometimes called God, sometimes called the Good,
it transcends Being.

Spirit: Spirit - offspring/reflection of the One.
It includes mind & the intellect.

Soul: Soul - offspring of the Divine Intellect.
It is double: there is an inner soul, intent on Spirit,
("nous") and another, which faces the external.

Plato's Idea of "God": Plato via Plotinus via Porphyry via Russel
who wrote - "Plotinus is both an end and a beginning - an end
as regards the Greeks, a beginning as regards Christendom."

Constantine and his followers' idea of god was monotheistic,
Plato and his followers' idea of god was nondual.[*]
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