Aether Tectonics

Exploration of a new way of looking at
space and matter and light
by Ross Tessien

General Overview (June 96)

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General Theory ...

Date: 20 Jun 1996 16:17:10 GMT
From: tessien@oro.net (Ross Tessien)
Organization: Impulse Engineering, Inc.
Newsgroups: alt.sci.physics.new-theories
Subject: TOE - Current Overview

The following is a very breif overview of the TOE I am working on. I do not intend to get into the details of why in this post so as to keep it short. This is intended to give you a breif intro to the things I am researching so that those with common ideas might discuss some of them.

Also, I have a lot of things that this model predicts we should see, like black holes exploding and emiting giant jets of matter. Of course we do indeed see these in the cosmos, but they are attributed to the small amount of matter that failed to fall into a singularity. I have no singularity in my black holes. Well, here goes.

1) My model treats all of the universe as being filled with a highly pressurized aether from which matter is condensed and in which a buzzing nodal structure exists that we call space. This aether can compress into what I will call a "liquid" for familiarity to the process of change of state.

2) A black hole is an aether sink that is formed when there is a convergent flow of aether that forces the pressure to climb to high, and the aether condenses. Such a flow will then have no more resistance until it reaches the liquid core inside the black hole and inside of the event horizon. The event horizon occurs because the flow velocity of the aether reached, and exceeded, c. So the aether, the nodal structure of space, and all waves are being translated into the interior of the event horizon at a velocity of greater than c inside of the horizon. The acceleration is a 1/R^2 acceleration until the aether begins condensing.

3) Because a black hole forms like this, it is highly pressurized, and if the convergent flow is reduced for any reason (reduction in the pressure of the aether in that region of the universe), then it will more easily breach confinement and exude all of its contents. This occurs in the form of jets, as we see in the cosmos all the time. And it can occur all at once in extreme cases. The latter is the source of the energy for the big bang. A single breach of a super massive black hole. We are inside of that expanding and evaporating material, but the evaporation has eliminated all of the liquid except for the tiny droplets that got trapped in the acoustic nodes during the expansion.

4) During the expansion of that core, the shock front from the big bang would have run into any galaxies remaining around it out to great distances and obliterated them. Those collisions would have perturbed the shock front and sent acoustic wave energy into the interior of the expanding big bang ball during the inflationary period. Thus, the variances in the CBR.

5) The liquid aether would then have been expanding and evaporating with a bunch of acoustic energy moving back and forth across the interior of the ball and reflecting off the surface due to the change in impedance of the medium inside vs outside the front. This would have no choice but to form acoustic nodes in some regions. And liquid aether near those nodes would be forced into those nodes. Such liquid aether would be trying to explode and evaporate as the static pressure inside continued to drop. But being in the node, it would only be allowed to resonate.

6) Those resonances would send out wave energy in phase and frequency time with the arriving ones. Thus, the resonances of the particles formed, tend to re-enforce the resonances of the acoustic nodes. The acoustic nodes would later become what we know as space, and the period for a 360 degree resonance would become what we know as time.

7) There are two phase timings that should be stable. 0 degrees and 180 degrees. Resonant expansions at 0 degrees would expand into the compression of the nodes at 180 degrees. Thus, the entire structure becomes phase and frequency locked together. This forms the dual structure for space, and particles in the 0 degree timing become known as "positively" charged and particles that are trapped in the 180 degree timing of oscillations become known as "negatively" charged.

8) The entire nodal structure of space on average is rectilinear, sort of like a three dimensional version of white and black cubes for a chess board. But the structure can be more compact with a degree of rotation, ie, more energy can fit into the volume alotted for the universe at any particular period and in any particular region. So, it you take that rectilinear structure and sort of twist it about two orthogonal axis', then you will get an intertwined helical structure of nodes. That structure is the normal, free space structure of "space".

9) Particles, ie matter, are spherically convergent standing waves within that structure. The fabric of space is distorted into a spherically convergent structure by wave refractions between the emitted waves departing the particle, and the randomly moving free space wave energy moving through the structure of space. They mutually refract, aligning the free space waves into a spherical convergence, and aligning the emitted waves into the free space helical curvature, on average. Thus, particles standing waves are "pumped", and that is why they do not separate and spread out as Lorentz told Schroedinger they would.

10) Forces can be transmitted from particle standing wave to standing wave in a phase and frequency coherent manner, nuclear strong force. Or by transmitting them through the nodal structure of space, frequency coherent but the phase coherency is chopped which reduces the amplitude, ie electric force. Or the same energy transmitted through space over long distances will additionally be frequency shifted and add another degree of interference from one distant particle to another once the wave finally gets there ie gravitation. (thus all forces are due to the act of particles nearby one another shielding each other from energy arriving from afar that is phase and or frequency de coherent with the local oscillations.

11) All forces are wave mechanically communicated, and all thrusts are due to the kinetic exchange of aether momentum. Thus, there are intrinsically, no "attractive" forces. Attractions occur due to the incidence of energy that interferes with two particles from the outside and thus exerts a thrust forcing them toward one another. This is like wave motions forcing a log toward shore in the absence of wind on the ocean. It is the interference in the frequency and or phase angles of the arriving energy that is attenuated that results in the net thrust.

Well, enough for now, got to go to work.

Ross Tessien

There exist in nature, no attractive forces.
There exist in GR, no static solutions to the universe.
There exist in QM, no static solutions to particles.
All of nature is resonant, and aether condenses.

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Aether Tectonics

Exploration of a new way of looking at
space and matter and light
by Ross Tessien

TOE - General Overview - June'96

Web Publication by Mountain Man Graphics, Australia in the Southern Autumn of 1996