Dear Arius

Constantine's "Dear Arius" Letter (333 CE)
A Political Analysis, P.R.F. Brown, 2008 CE

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A Political Analysis of a Nasty Letter

SOURCE: TEXT of Surviving Letter

LETTER: Emperor Constantine to Arius
Type:   Early Arian Document (Urkunde) 34 (=AW III2 no. 27; CPG 2042)
Date:   333 CE
Source: Athanasius, Defense of the Nicene Definition 40 (TLG)
        Also found in Socrates, Church History 1.9.30
        and Gelasius, Church History 3.19.1
Trans:  Coleman-Norton, P.R.,
        Roman State and Christian Church, London:
        Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge
       (SPCK) 1966, #67.

What Constantine tells us about Arius

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