Thesis One

324-333 CE: Political Resistance against Constantine.
Arius of Alexandria - the non christian ascetic priest
who "reproaches, grieves, wounds and pains the Church".

Reaction of the Orthodox Christian Regime to the New Testament Apocrypha

325-590 CE: Knowledge Burning by the (new) Christian regime

348 CE: The Nag Hammadi Codices (Carbon Dated)

325-336 CE: The Heresey of the Nicaean priest - Marcellus of Ancyra

325-490 CE: Anathematising Public Opinion about Jesus Christ

351 CE: A Register of Popular Public Opinion about Jesus Christ

359-363 CE: The Arraignment of the Emperor Julian against Christianity

363-364 CE: The Council of Laodicea - Prescriptions against the Heretics and the Apocrypha

364-450 CE: Censorship of Julian, and Knowledge of Fiction

420-450 CE: Censorship of Nestorius, and Knowledge of Fiction

429 CE: Cyril's Censorship of the Heresies Nestorius

491 CE: Censorship Masterlist - The Decretum Gelasianum

000-324 CE: What religion(s) did Christianity Replace?

Ancient Pearls of Wisdom

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